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Micro SD card Asda deals:. Both full-sized and micro cards are based on the same spec and each format is defined in the SD spec, howeer the don not work in the same manner. Hardware that supports microSDXC slots will not automatically support every size of card in this format. If you plan on using your microSD card with your PC say for moving files on and off, you need to make sure that your PC supports the file system that the card is formatted with.

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Larger class numbers correspond to a faster level of minimum performance, allowing files to be copied or recorded at a higher speed. U1 cards support at least 10Mbps write speed and the U3 cards will deliver at least 30MBps write speed. Note that these are minimum write speed values. After Class 10, it gets a bit more complicated. An additional standard called UHS was introduced, which allows cards to reach higher speeds. In order to benefit from the increased performance of UHS, it needs to be supported by your hardware. UHS memory cards will work in older slots but with a reduced bus speed of 25 MBps.

The Speed Class indicates the minimum write speed of a memory card in MBps or megabytes per second. The four Speed Class are as follows:. Its classes are the following;.

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All abbrevations and specifications explained. MicroSD cards can be placed inside a so-called passive adapters which allows them to be used in ports which are designed for larger storage cards. This is useful for using a single card in multiple devices as well as using Micro SD cards in SD card readers. There are two forms of memory cards, SD and microSD. SD cards are basically used in bigger devices such as video cams and digital cameras. They are also a bit larger than your average postage stamp.

MicroSD on the other hand are used more in gadgets like tablets and smartphones. They are smaller than full sized SD cards. Today MiniSD cards are rarely seen. Are you ready? Home Tags Micro SD.

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Capture your holiday football game or night on the town using this Class Enjoy more space for photos videos, music and apps. Benefits include larger capacity and higher data transfer speed With a capacity of 64GB you can capture more high quality photos and full HD videos carry more files, and enjoy your favourite music wherever you We also offer a wide range of Huawei P30 Pro accessories. We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories. We also offer a wide range of Huawei P20 Pro accessories.

We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories.

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We also offer a wide range of Apple iPhone X accessories. We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories.

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We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories. We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge accessories. We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories. These memory cards differ from micro SD cards due to their comparatively higher storage capacity and faster processing speed. The extra capacity is perfect for shooting high-resolution video on your digital camera or downloading apps and games on your mobile phone. We cater for all budgets and stock a range of products - from 64GB to GB capacities, and from world-renowned brands such as Integral, SanDisk and Lexar.

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