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The discount is given immediately at the time of purchase. It is not vision insurance. Q: Is the membership for an individual or family?

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A: Your card is valid for all family members living at the same address. Q: Do I have to file a claim form? A: No. Your WellCardRx prescription and health care discount card gives you an immediate discount at the time of purchase.

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However, Outlook Vision service may be combined with some insurance plans that reimburse employees for their eyewear purchases. If this is the case, use your discount card and then file a claim for the remaining balance. Q: What kind of discount is available for eye exams? A: Outlook Vision has over 11, optical providers, and the discounts can vary by provider. Click on the 'Locate a Provider' section above to find providers in your area.

Q: Where are the providers, and how many are there?

A: Outlook Vision maintains a provider network of over 11, locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Providers include private practice providers as well as optical retailers such as:. Q: Are there any limitations on the number of purchases I can make?

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There is no limit on the number of purchases a WellCardRx card holder can make. Q: Can I purchase eyewear already on sale or with a coupon and still use my Outlook card? A: No, you cannot combine discounts. The Outlook Vision provider will offer you the best discount available. Remember, you can use your WellCardRx prescription card for Outlook Vision discounts all year long, regardless of sales.

Q: How do I obtain the discounts using my membership card? To get your vision care discount, you must first find an Outlook Vision provider location.

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Why does it cost more for a contact lens exam? We do additional testing with contact lens patients to measure the curvature of the eye to ensure that we prescribe the lens that optimizes fit and comfort. We also do an evaluation after you have worn the lenses for a given period to make sure there are no complications. They are not all the same.

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The contact lens companies spend millions of dollars every year to improve their lenses and regularly introduce new and better technology. Right now the companies are introducing new lens materials that allow much more oxygen to pass through, making them healthier to wear and enabling people to wear them in comfort for 14 hours or more per day. We recommend these new materials to most patients, even though they cost a little more, because we think they are better for their eyes in the long run. Will my contact lens prescription allow me to buy any brand of lens I want?

Your prescription is for a specific brand of contact lens that my examination and experience tell me is best for your vision and ocular health.

Is it safe to wear a contact lens with a small tear in it? A torn lens can damage the delicate outer tissue of your eye and lead to serious infection. If you tear a lens and do not have a replacement, come into the office right away and we will provide, at no charge, a lens that you can wear until your new supply arrives. Does Wal-Mart make high quality glasses? Because they cost less, will they last as long and let me see well? Wal-Mart will custom-make your glasses in one of its six ultra-modern optical labs, using top quality lens and frame materials, which the company constantly seeks to upgrade.

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